Andrew Marvell “The Garden”

Analysis Andrew Marvell’s poem is based on the book, «Paradise Lost» by John Milton. Milton chronicles his thoughts and opinions on the book and the contents of the book through a series of stanzas. He was a personal friend and colleague and friend of Milton’s giving him the right angle essay service to both study the author and expand the author’s works. The poetic style used in this particular poem is witty, humorous and full of elaborate description just like so many other metaphysicist. Thus, the poem is an interesting read.

The actual book by John Milton is one indicative of the nature of his beliefs. It is written with a purely Christian view and follows the actual story of creation. In a summary, the book deals with the universe having created by God out of a certain chaotic mess. God created organization on creating the world. He did a golden compass. This is very cosmological of Milton and we shall further see other cosmological concepts in the book. Also, hell is regarded as being separate but within the chaos from which God saved the universe. Indeed, his work has a cosmological aspect to it.

The angels are assumes to be great beings who can take many different forms and can travel at high speeds. As a sort of justification to a world of God’s work, Satan is presented as he falls from the sky just like in the original story and finds himself on the new world through his selfish desires to gain more power than God. All other fallen angels follow him and explore hell. Consequently, smoke and fire come out from chaos and are poured into he; this is how hell is formed. Milton explores the concept through a series of books which elaborately explain all concepts that one needs to know.

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