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How to make a brazilian wax at home

Do you want to get your bikini area groomed but don’t like the thought of someone else giving you a Brazilian wax? Or maybe you just think that having done is a waste of money. Either way you don’t have to worry. You can make your own wax at home so that you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home without a stranger looking at your most private areas. It is actually pretty simple to do too so you don’t need a chemistry degree to do it all on your own. You just need the right ingredients, patience and a good amount of time alone, obviously. Do it correctly, and it will last for weeks.
Brazilian wax is a painfull treatment somettimes, so if you are afraid from the treatment, and want to ease the pain, you can prepare oxycodone or hydrocodone.


So here how you make a Brazilian wax at home

What you will need:   brazilian wax

· 2 cups of white sugar

· 2 tablespoons of either Lemon juice or vinegar

· 3/4 cups of water

· Store bought waxing strips or strips of cotton from an old shirt

· Large stainless steel pan in good shape

Next you put all of the ingredients into the pan. Turn the heat on high and wait for it to start to boil. Be careful here, if you overheat it than it will be ruined so make sure that at the first sign of boiling you reduce the heat to medium. If it boils again than lower the heat a little more until it stops bubbling. The wax will start out appearing see-through. It will slowly start to change from translucent to brown. Once it is a honey brown color it is done. You can turn off the heat. Once it is done pour it into a container that you know is clean and preferably something like glass that is heat resistant. Be very careful that you do not burn your hands on the container. Once that is done you have to wait for it to thicken. It can take as little as 5 minutes or as much as 20 minutes so watch it closely. It will be very hot so do not at any point touch the wax with your fingers. Use a butter knife to test the thickness. Once the better knife is hard to move and starts getting stuck it is ready.

You have to let it cool down the exact right amount. It cannot be so cool that it hardens or won’t work but it can’t be so hot that it burns your skin so be careful. It can be reheated if it does get too cool so don’t start checking too early, too cool is better than way too hot. Have a damp cloth ready when you are going to check the heat if you touch it and it is hot enough that it burns than you will want something in your other hand to wipe it off before it can do any damage. Once it is at the exact right temperature you are ready to start waxing. Remember that the area should be clean and completely dry. If you need to, use some baby powder to absorb any sweat and minimize the pain of waxing.

By using this at-home recipe, you will be able to get the smooth, glamorous bikini area that you desire without the hefty price, and make an awesome Brazilian wax at home. When you do it the right, it can last for weeks, and enhance your relationship and romantic life…

Now you are ready! Happy waxing!

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