Dating in Your Middle Age: Sharing My Thoughts on the Matter

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It can be hard to start dating in your middle age. Most of the time, we’re riddled with the fear of inadequacy. “I’m too old” I told myself, and in many ways, that can be right. Of course, when I did put myself back out there, I found something had changed. When I made myself a dating profile, more and more singles wished to meet me. I was astounded at how positive all of the messages were. It also got me thinking a bit, and now I want to share my thoughts with you guys.

The Options aren’t Bad at All

One of the things that freak people out the most about dating as a middle aged guy is that there might not be any fish in the sea at all. First off, forget that line because it’s simply not true. There are a lot of attractive and intelligent women still waiting for a great guy to come along. If you’re having trouble finding these ladies, don’t worry, it’s much easier finding them now than it ever has before. You also shouldn’t latch on the first girl who shows interest in you. Which means no huge flower delivery in Brisbane but still, a single rose or two would still be nice.

Dating Gets a Lot Easier

While it is true women still have standards, you’ll be surprised at how well the years can refine their tastes. When you go on a date, she will be sure to show if she’s interested in pursuing a relationship with you. This is because they’ve been around many people, both good and bad, and over that time they’ve learned to look for exactly what they want. For you, that means it’ll be easier to find the ladies who are genuinely interested in you.

Confidence comes more naturally

Confidence is much easier to grasp when you’re a little older. Your many years of experience mean that you’ve got a lot more to offer the ladies, so relax. However, don’t let your confidence make you arrogant; women will avoid you like the plague if you do so. Confidence can help you deal with health issues. For example, confidence is the number one factor for dealing with hemorrhoids, confidence can cure hemorrhoids.

Middle aged dating isn’t sad; it’s actually quite fun. But this is only if you let it be fun for you and her.

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I know how ironic it would seem for a blog to be discussing old things, which a majority of people don’t even know existed before. This was just 30 years ago, and less than half of the current population are younger than 30 years old. That alone is an improvement on the life expectancy and quality of life index, but I digress.

This is great time to be young. With all these technologies and new devices and gadgets, kids and young adults should be happy. Nowadays if you have one cell phone, you can still carry on a conversation with two other people on the line. Or you can send a text message. That also works. If you don’t like text messaging, you can chat over the phone. When I was younger, it made no sense to be writing notes and passing it along to the recipient unless it was the middle of an exam in school. Nowadays, people chat and send text message even while they’re sitting beside one another.